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The digitization is a new buzzword the world over and it has not left the nation and media unaffected. The news source has witnessed a paradigm shift– from only newspapers and televisions to i-pads, tablets and eventually to mobile phones. In tune with the new media trend, kdnewslive.in, which is operational for the past 1 years, has steadily changed itself and established as the most ‘Popular News Websites’ in India.

A venture of kdnewslive.in, kdnewslive.in is available on all major platforms like Windows, iOS and Android in India and overseas. We are on various social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and the instant mobile messaging app ‘WhatsApp’.
The online platform is now considered as one of the fastest news mediums and online websites are playing a major role in reaching out to the readers at an unequaled pace.
Our team of well-known journalists and authors keep a close watch on the changing face of politics in India and analyze it well before reaching to its readers.
We are in touch with our readers through various activities –Photo Gallery, News Sliders and Newstrack Videos.
Apart from the online news website,kdnewslive.in also publishes a Weekly Newspaper ‘Voice of Nigohan’ which is equally popular and has captured a large market. It is as popular in Uttar Pradesh as in Uttarakhand, Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar.

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